8th International γδ T-Cell Conference

7-10 June 2018, Bordeaux (France)

The goals of this conference are to bring together investigators from around the world working on γδ T cells to share and discuss unpublished results, refine existing and develop new paradigms, and identify directions for future research.

Junior and established researchers will have ample opportunity to network during this highly interactive and friendly meeting in a stunning environment.

Topics that will be covered include γδ T cell development; γδ T cell ligands; activation and regulation of γδ T cell responses; homing and functions of γδ T cells in tissues; γδ T cells in infection; γδ T cells in inflammatory diseases; γδ T cells in cancer; and γδ T cells in immunotherapy.

The γδ T cell field is progressing and expanding rapidly, with widening interests that range from the fundamental aspects of their biology to their promising clinical application. The conference will therefore be of equal interest for academic researchers and clinicians as well as applied scientists in biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry.

Previous γδ T cell conferences were held in:

  • London, UK (2016)
  • Chicago, USA (2014)
  • Freiburg, Germany (2012)
  • Kiel, Germany (2010)
  • Strasbourg, France (2008)
  • La Jolla, USA (2006)
  • Denver, USA (2004)