Final programme




12h00-13h45      Registration

13h45-14h00      Welcome and Information


Session 1:  γδ TCR repertoires and specificities
(Chairs: Cynthia BALDWIN, Craig MORITA)

14h00-14h30      Erin ADAMS: What is new about γδ T cell antigens?

14h30-14h45      Sarina RAVENS: Shaping of human γδ T cell repertoires during early childhood (#45)

14h45-15h00      Benjamin WILLCOX: Human liver infiltrating γδ T cells are composed of clonally expanded circulating and tissue-resident populations (#89)

15h00-15h15      Juan-Carlos ZÚÑIGA-PFLÜCKER: Generation and molecular recognition of tumor-associated antigen-specific human γδ T cells (#32)

15h15-15h30      Martin DAVEY: The human Vδ2+ T cell compartment contains a tissue-infiltrating Vγ9 subset that undergoes clonal expansion in response to viral infection (#49)

15h30-15h45      Alina FICHTNER: Alpaca (Vicugna pacos): the first non-primate species with functional phosphoantigen-reactive Vγ9Vδ2 T cells (#46)


15h45-16h15      Coffee break     


Session 2: γδ T cell regulation by butyrophilins
(Chairs: Daniel OLIVE, David RHODES)

16h15-16h30      Lola BOUTIN: The juxtamembrane domain of BTN3A1 and interactions with BTN3A2/A3 isoforms regulate the activation Vγ9Vδ2 T lymphocytes induced by phosphoantigens (#69)

16h30-16h45      Anna VYBOROVA: A multistep activation model for the γ9δ2TCR-mediated T cell recognition of CD277 (#80)

16h45-17h00      Duncan McKENZIE: Re-evaluating the role of the TCR in epidermal stress surveillance (#106)

17h00-17h15      Daisy MELANDRI : Investigating the mechanism of γδ T cell selection by butyrophilin-like proteins (#120)

17h15-17h30      Pierre VANTOUROUT: Towards solving the BTN(L) puzzle: Novel critical determinants of their function (#98)

17h30-17h45      Robin DART: Relating individual variation in the BTNL3/8-γδ axis to inflammatory bowel disease (#90)


17h45-18h           Wine presentation

18h                         Posters/networking and Wine&Cheese



Session 3: γδ T cell activation, regulation and function
(Chairs: Wendy HAVRAN, Yoshimasa TANAKA)

9h00-9h30           David VERMIJLEN: On innate and adaptive γδ T cells

9h30-9h45          Dmitry USHAKOV: 3i immunophenotying reveals new genes essential for γδ T cell homeostasis (#109)

09h45-10h00      Weili XU: Mapping of γ/δ T cells reveals Vδ2+ T cells resistance to senescence (#14)

10h00-10h15      Mathilde RAVERDEAU: Impact of different metabolic requirements on the γδ T cells subsets function (#78)

10h15-10h30      Benjamin GULLY: Structural characterisation of workshop cluster-1 a γδ T-cell co-receptor (#116)

10h30-10h45      Jonathan BOYSON: Regulation of γδ T cell functional programming by the Slam/SAP signalling pathway (#154)

10h45-11h00      Tiago AMADO: A key role for microRNAs in regulating IL-17 versus IFN-γ production by γδ T cells (#31)


11h00 – 11h30   Coffee break    


Session 4: γδ T cell homing in tissues
(Chairs: Rachel CASPI, Rebecca O’BRIEN)

11h30-11h45      Karen EDELBLUM: γδ IELs promote LPS-induced intestinal epithelial cell shedding (#28)

11h45-12h00      Claire MCINTYRE: Beta2 integrins are a novel regulator of Vγ6+ IL-17-producing γδ T cells (#128)

12h00-12h15      Darshana KADEKAR: STAT5 driven signals in the neonate regulate the development of a gut-specific type 3 γδ T cell subset (#54)

12h15-12h30      Lydia LYNCH: Adipose resident PLZF+ γδ T cells producing IL-17A are required for body temperature regulation (#6)

12h30-12h45      Julie RIBOT: Vγ6+ γδ17 T cells home to the male reproductive tract and expand at puberty to keep pathogens at bay (#39)

12h45-13h00      Leticia MONIN: The uterine γδ T cell compartment: characterisation, environmental influences and function (#108)


13h00-15h30      Lunch and Poster presentations and networking             


Session 5: γδ T cell evolution and development
(Chairs: Michele ANDERSON, Yuan ZHUANG)

15h30-16h00      Dan PENNINGTON: What’s new about gd T cell development?

16h00-16h15      Breanna BREAUX: The high diversity and quirks of the Florida manatee TRG and TRD genes (#24)

16h15-16h30      Rob MILLER: The third domain of T cells: the γμ T cell and the evolution of novel T cell types (#159)

16h30-16h45      Apostol APOSTOLOV: Existence of a CD4 positive bone marrow progenitors giving rise to γδT-cells (#104)

16h45-17h00      Juliette ROELS: Transcriptome dynamics of human γδ T cell development (#103)  (Taghon)

17h00-17h15      SAGAR: Understanding the regulatory control of γδ T cell differentiation using single cell RNA sequencing (#37)

17h15-17h30      Maria CIOFANI: c-Maf is an essential commitment factor for IL-17-producing γδ T cells (#91)

17h30-17h45      Paola TIEPPO: The human foetal thymus generates invariant and programmed effector γδ T cells (#112)


Session 6: New concepts in immunology
(Chair: Jean-François MOREAU)

17h45-18h15      Thomas PRADEU: The discontinuity theory

18h15- 18h45     Adrian HAYDAY: Risk management in immunosurveillance – The validation theory


Free evening



Session 7: γδ T cell function in infection and inflammation I
(Chairs: Francesco DIELI, Julie JAMESON)

09h00-09h30      Willi BORN:  γδ T cell interaction with B cells

09h30-09h45      Christophe PAGET: Neutrophilic NLRP3 inflammasome-dependent IL-1β secretion regulates the γδT17 cell response in respiratory bacterial infections (#3)

09h45-10h00      Murad MAMEDOV: An M-CSF-producing γδ T cell subset prevents malarial parasitemic recurrence (#10)

10h00-10h15      Haoting HSU: Placental malaria alters cord blood Vδ2 T cell phenotype and function (#136)

10h15-10h30      Zheng CHEN: Respiratory immunization of Vγ2Vδ2 T-cell subset alone elicits fast-acting effector memory-like responses and reduces M. tuberculosis infection after challenge (#79)

10h30-10h45      Simone CUFF: Machine learning algorithms for the prediction of infecting bacterial species in peritonitis require the incorporation of the γδ T cell response for maximum accuracy (#132)

10h45-11h00      Allen CHEUNG: Human Vδ2 gamma-delta T cells express Δ42PD1 that engages TLR4 in the intestines during acute HIV (#130)


11h00-11h30      Coffee break    


Session 7: γδ T cell function in infection and inflammation II
(Chairs: Cristiana CAIRO, Eric CHAMPAGNE)

11h30-11h45      Xizhi GUO: Neonatal Interleukin-17a-producing γδ T cells improve disease outcomes by promoting type 2 immunity following influenza infection (#93)

11h45-12h00      Anne HAHN: γδ T-cells in murine Cytomegalovirus infection (#29)

12h00-12h15      Hannah KAMINSKI: In vivo and in vitro modulation of mTOR pathway enhances human γδ T cells effector functions (#163)

12h15-12h30      Inga SANDROCK: IL-17-producing γδ T-cells play non-redundant roles in inflammatory diseases (#60)

12h30-12h45      Julie JAMESON: Obesity and intestinal γδ T cell dysfunction result in more severe DSS-induced colitis (#66)

12h45-13h00      Jun YAN: Critical role of the IL-1-IL-1R signaling in psoriasis pathogenesis (#18)


13h00-15h30      Lunch and Poster presentations and networking             


Session 8: γδ T cell function in cancer – Sponsored by Fondation ARC
(Chairs: Seth COFFELT, Gabrielle SIEGERS)

15h30-16h00      Jean-Jacques FOURNIE: How γδ T cell signatures could help in immunotherapy

16h00-16h15      Sofia MENSURADO: Tumor-associated neutrophils suppress pro-tumoral IL-17+ γδ T cells through induction of oxidative stress (#83)

16h15-16h30      Elena LO PRESTI: Emerging role of γδ T cells in IBD transition to CRC (#68)

16h30-16h45      Jose VILLACORTA HIDALGO: γδ T-cell infiltration in sentinel lymph nodes in human triple negative breast cancer is associated with high endothelial venules (#161)

16h45-17h00      Daniela WESCH: Galectin-3 released by tumor cells inhibits after interaction with γδ T cells their proliferation but not their cytotoxicity (#125)

17h00-17h15      Elena BRUNI: NKp46 marks a novel Vδ1-restricted γδ T subset with potent anti-tumor activity resident in human intestinal mucosa (#7)


Science and wine discussion: γδ T cells for immunotherapy – risks and opportunities?
(Chairs: Matthias EBERL, Benjamin FAUSTIN)

17h15-18h15   Lawrence LAMB, Richard LOPEZ, Daniel OLIVE, David PAUZA, Zsolt SEBESTYEN, Bruno SILVA-SANTOS, Hans VAN DER VLIET


 19h30 Gala Dinner at ”Palais de la Bourse”


SUNDAY 10th JUNE                                                       

Session 9: γδ T cells in immunotherapy I
(Chairs: Dieter KABELITZ, Zsolt SEBESTYEN)

9h00-9h15          Marta BARISA: Avoidance of on-target off-tumor activation using a co-stimulation-only chimeric antigen receptor (#145)

09h15-9h30        Trudy STRAETEMANS: Antitumor activity by TEGs: αβT cells engineered to express a defined γδ TCR in a 3D bone marrow niche model of multiple myeloma (#43)

9h30-9h45          Barbara CASTELLA: Multifaceted immune checkpoint expression impairs bone marrow Vγ9Vδ2 T-cell function in multiple myeloma patients (#115)

9h45-10h00        Zhinan YIN: The Phase I clinical trial investigation on applying allogenic γδ T cells in cancer immunotherapy (#82)

10h00-10h15      Anne-Charlotte LE FLOCH: Anti-BTN3A 20.1 agonist monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) enhance autologous Vδ2 cytotoxicity against primary acute myeloid blasts (#75)


10h15-10h45      Election of the next organizers

10:45-11:15         Coffee break    


Session 9: γδ T cells in immunotherapy II
(Chairs: Lionel COUZI, Daniela WESCH)

11h15-11h30      Biagio LORENZO: Cytotoxic targeting of acute myeloid leukemia by highly polyclonal Delta One T cells (#35)

11h30-11h45      Craig MORITA: PD-1 blockade markedly enhances immunity to prostate tumors by adoptively transferred human Vγ2Vδ2 T cells in an NSG mouse model (#142)

11h45-12h          Lawrence LAMB: Targeting of chemotherapy-induced NKG2DL by localized repetitive γδ T cell infusions: a rational therapeutic design for elimination of minimal residual primary high grade gliomas (#74)

12h00-12h15      Noémie JOALLAND: Chemotherapies combined with allogeneic Vγ9Vδ2 T cells for the elimination of epithelial ovarian cancer cells (#72)

12h15-12h30      Hans-Heinrich OBERG: Superiority of the immunoconstruct [(HER2)2xCD16] compared to trastuzumab in enhancing Vδ1 and Vδ2 γδ T cell-mediated cytotoxicity against HER2-expressing tumor cells (#133)


12h30   Bruno SILVA-SANTOS: Latest developments and future orientations in γδ T cell research


Oral and poster awards

Conclusions and Goodbyes        




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